Longview Ranch
Longview Ranch is located 15 3/4 miles south of Roswell in Chaves County, New Mexico on U.S. 285, then west.

Terrain & Vegetation
The property is an unremarkable flat plain. The prominent terrain features consist of a manmade levee crossing the west part of the property from north to south and the Zubi draw running the length of the property from west to east. The elevation is about 3,360 feet on the west side down to 3,586 feet where the Zubi Draw leaves the property.

Property Taxes
The property taxes estimated for the current year in Chaves County was less than $100.

The average depth of water reported in the area: 180 feet minimum/102 feet maximum. Sold "as is" condition.

Because of the location to population and road network this ranch is uniquely suited for the Gentleman Rancher and home site. Electric power and telephone are located on the east side of the property. There are antelope and uplands birds in the area as well as predators such as coyote and fox. This ranch is used for livestock grazing and wildlife habitat. Best use is cow/calf, ewe/lamb, yearlings, meat goat or combinations of species. The perimeter and interior fences are mostly cedar post, supplemented with some T-post, and covered with net wire and barbed wire. Fences in general are in fair condition.