Macho Cerca Farm
Macho Cerca Farm
Macho Cerca Farm
Macho Cerca Farm
Macho Cerca Farm
Macho Cerca Farm
Macho Cerca Farm
Macho Cerca Farm
Macho Cerca Farm
The Macho Cerca Farm is located approximately 14 miles North of Roswell, New Mexico, in Chaves County.

The farm is comprised of two land tenures which combine to provide an excellent livestock farm operation and an investment opportunity.

527.43 acre approximately Deeded (MOL)
104.57 acres State Land (MOL)
632 acres Total

Carrying Capacity
Privately managed.

Price and Terms
The price includes the deeded land with all improvements, and the State leased land.

Macho Cerca Farm improvements and construction are all in average condition. Extensive planning has produced a unique blend of practicality and utility combined with a beautiful location providing many amenities not available in most other farming enterprises.

One irrigation well is 404' deep with 190' to water, the GE 100 horsepower turbine pump with 10" discharge. The farm has three pivot pads with 240 acres in potential cultivation with 2.5 miles of black plastic pipe. Two pivots are on site: one - 1997 T&L center pivot sprinkler and one - Older Lockwood center pivot sprinkler.

Fresh water commercial station is located at the headquarters with a modest 3 bedroom cinder block house in need of repair.

Electricity is supplied by Central Valley Electric Cooperative. Telephone service is available. Four televisions stations are received, Channel 8 from Albuquerque, Channel 6 from El Paso, Channel 3 (PBS) from Portales, and Channel 10 from Roswell. A satellite dish can be installed which has numerous additional channels.

Storage Barns
The barn is approximately 60'x100' designed to be used for equipment storage when appropriate. Also, there is a 30'x70' metal frame and tin barn. Additionally, two 1,200 bushel grain bins with hoppers and bearcat roller mill.

Water Rights
228.95 Artesian water rights with 1947 priority date.

Corrals and Holding Trap
The corrals consist of various sized pens constructed of cross-ties and bull-wire panels. Additional pens and alleys adjacent to the corrals are equipped with water and feed bunks. Adjacent to the corrals is a driving wing and alley for easy gathering of livestock from adjacent pastures.

This farm offers a modern and adequate means of assuring proper animal distribution by being divided into various pastures taking into consideration cultivation and livestock use. In this connection, a high density, high frequency rotational grazing program is employed to maximize the farm's grazing efficiency.

Water Facilities
There is 1 Artesian well and storage with a GE 100 horsepower pump. There are dirt tanks, storage tanks and approximately 5,000 feet of 10" PVC pipeline delivering water to the two center pivot sprinkler systems.

14 to 16 inches annually

Approximately 3,800 feet.

All terrain is readily accessible by vehicle or horseback.

The vegetation includes a wide variety of grasses, spring weeds, and browses. These combine to provide year long forage for sheep or cattle. Major types of forage include:

Black, Blue and Sideoats, Grama, Tobosa, Sand Dropseed, Fillaree and Silver Bluestem.

Real Estate Taxes -Approximately $450.00 Per Year State Lease - Approximately $519.00 Per Year


Roswell Independent School District, Roswell Campus of Eastern New Mexico University, and New Mexico Military Institute. Roswell School District provides school bus service.

Special Features

Annual operating costs are low due to the year-round grazing and mild climate. The long growing season allows minimal winter feeding. The two pivot sprinklers deliver water at reasonable cost.

This farm is ready for a new owner to take advantage of this property's potential.

This farm offers good hunting for mule deer, blue quail, and dove.