Go Epically Big And Go Home. Why The SW Legacy Ranch is a land investment like no other.

Go Epically Big And Go Home.  Why The SW Legacy Ranch is a land investment like no other.

“If someone had all the money in the world, this is what they would buy.”-Legacy Ranch Patriarch, John Dutton (Kevin Costner), in the drama series Yellowstone

If you’ve followed the powerful Yellowstone series, you’ll get a (highly dramatized) glimpse into the world of the legacy ranch. And you’ll see how owning a legacy cattle ranch takes a certain rare breed of self-made leadership.

And while the actual lifestyle may not be the high-stakes drama the series portrays, from our own experience on the ranch, we can attest to the rewards that come from preserving this way of life – the kinship with the land, the animals and wildlife, plus deepened bonds with family as well as the extended ranch community… all make it well worth the ingenuity, hard work, and perseverance that can come with the mega-territory. It’s a small price to pay for the unbridled freedom, independence, as well as the familial and financial security that’s important now more than ever.

Not to mention, Legacy Ranches are a profound monument dedicated to preserving wild life, natural resources, and awe-inspiring lands, plus they continue building heritage, tradition, and pass on a solid, simpler, quality of life.

In today’s culture of rapid-pace, constantly incoming information, the Legacy Ranch offers another option… A quality, connected lifestyle to grow family roots and traditions, and to leave a legacy for family, and really for the rest of the world, too.

We hear of big business tycoons, such as Ted Turner, who owns and preserves hundreds of thousands of acres of ranchland in Montana. Parts of the property are open to public visitation, making it one of the few places left to witness the wild majesty of Buffalo roaming the open range.

There are also many iconic legacy ranches in the NM, CO, TX region, such as the Wagner Ranch that spans the North Texas plain, the Vermejo Park Ranch of Northern New Mexico, the stunning Belle Ranch located in the antelope plains of New Mexico or the infamous King Ranch of South Texas.

The SW region, including Southern Colorado, has its own unique attributes that make it a compelling consideration for a ranch land estate.

The pleasant year-round climates, unspoiled, stunning diverse landscapes, prime cattle grazing lands, plus the great land values and lower land development costs, offer an unbeatable combination if you’re considering legacy ranch ownership.

We have several premier ranch estate opportunities, including:

Buffalo Creek Ranch with miles of a deep winding creek, in Trinidad CO, where migrating buffalo still roam.

The Great Southwest Ranch, is an incredibly rare, once in a lifetime opportunity to own and operate one of the largest cattle ranch empires in the US…




A few key reasons to consider a premier ranch in the SW region:
1/ Unbridled Sunshine, Fresh Air, Pleasant Climates… These all-important attributes help to keep ranch overhead down – and spirits up – no matter what’s going on in the world.

2/ Secure investing…Investors far and wide are using land as a physical asset with consistent growth for their portfolio. Investors both international and domestic are seeing a bright future in the region. While ranches to the North and West may get the spotlight, the SW is the hidden gem you might need to explore. 

New Mexico alone has been booming with real estate opportunities for the past decade. Even famous moguls have developed properties outside of Santa Fe like Don Imus, Jane Fonda and Val Kilmer. 

Here are just a few callouts worth highlighting:

  • Land in the region has proven to be recession proof, and continue to experience rising acreage values. During the period of 2015 to 2019 New Mexico farm acreage values rose roughly 9% from $523/acre to $570/acre.
  • Traditionally, with cheaper land values, you’ll also find cheaper property taxes as owners will pay less tax overall. 
  • New Mexico offers competitive tax rates and incentives, and is a tax haven unknown to many.
  • The region’s lands have low development costs in general…. While there may be multiple types of environments and landscapes, typically the low average tree height and density of vegetation greatly decreases the cost for infrastructure development on many ranches. 

3/ Generate cash flow, while the land appreciates… While many savvy investors are in it for the appreciation value, there’s also potential for generating income on top of the appreciation value. Focused land management and vast areas of strengthened grasses and cleared landscapes lead to increased livestock carrying capacity. Along with extensive investment in water infrastructure and ranch improvements, many of our premier ranches are developed for new levels of profitability. Some of the properties also feature hunting parks or the ability to sell hunting permits for added income opportunities.

For yield-seeking investors with little-to-no ranching experience, we have attractive options with “cowboys included.” That is, the current management can stay on, continuing improving the landscapes and increasing operational efficiency and production. Lease-back or buy-back scenarios are also possible.

Plus, there are more and more maverick income generating ideas coming forth on the ranch scene… everything from ATV parks, destination camping, and paintball ventures to renting out remodeled barns as celebration venues and destinations (with the added bonus of playing the music ‘til the cows come home).

4/ Year-Round Outdoor Access, Activities, Amenities, and Recreation…As we move into a new normal, resort and recreation areas with plenty of outdoor options and amenities are being sought after – and the region ranks right up there. You’ll find rich culture and vibrant arts scenes paired with plentiful parks, recreation and outdoor activities, making it a dream destination region for adventure-bound people of all ages – not to mention the retirees who are landing there in droves.

You’ll also find plenty of resort towns and recreation areas with world-class skiing, hiking, biking, ATVing, fishing, camping… often minus peak-season crowds and prices.

5/ The ranching tradition lives on… If ranching and the cowboy way is in your veins, the vast landscapes offer epic opportunities to ramble, rope, and roam to your heart’s content. These lands have been used for centuries for cattle and sheep raising and grazing, and now offer a refreshing break from the pressure cooker, plus connection with the land and the people you share it with. Of course, it also comes with all the modern-day upgrades, plus progressive cities, resorts, and recreation within easy reach, so it really is the best of the old and the new.