Discovery Channel Star is selling a NM property with rich potentials and extra (terrestrial) possibilities!

Discovery Channel Star is selling a NM property with rich potentials and extra (terrestrial) possibilities!

Previously finding success in the oil business, Duane Ollinger is a treasure hunter with a knack for sniffing out lucrative endeavors and properties.

Now, as he goes all in on his hunt for gold at his Utah ranch on the Discovery Channel show, “Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch,” he had to make the tough choice to sell what was to be his next pet project property, Hot Springs Ranch. Just south east of Santa Fe in an area known for its myriad of natural treasures, including the area’s healing mineral hot springs, Ollinger saw the rich and fascinating possibilities at this beautiful recreation retreat.

Ollinger bought Hot Springs Ranch with a dream of making it his next project. With New Mexico’s fascinating history, lore, landscapes and wonders, plus the area’s rich mineral deposits in a region rife with ancient culture and traditions, it was a property he couldn’t pass up.

However, now after a third season on Discovery Channel, the “Mysteries at Blind Frog Ranch,” and Ollinger’s hunt for gold on his Utah property are only getting more exciting. Yet, as the property continues to fascinate with unexplained findings and occurrences, the forces of nature seem to be working against him.

Instead of giving up ship, he’s now more committed than ever to sinking everything he owns into the hunt. And that includes selling his NM property, Hot Springs Ranch.

A look at the discoveries at Blind Frog Ranch, so far…

  1. Ollinger’s first draw to the Utah property was the possibility of rich metal deposits. However, his quest for gold has become a mere highlight to the fascinating findings and occurrences the property continues to reveal.
  2. The discovery of a system of caverns that run underneath the property upped the treasure hunt ante. It’s possible the cave system could hold millions of dollars worth of gold and precious metals – and that certainly does have its appeal.
  3. The property has gained a reputation for its paranormal activity, too. For years, people have reported countless mysterious findings and unexplainable occurrences at the Ranch, and no one seems to know why.
  4. Utah locals claim that a dark force protects the land’s treasure. With the blocks and barriers that continue to meet Ollinger and his crew at every juncture, they have to wonder if it could be true.
  5. He now runs both interactive and on-location tours and has a site to learn more here:

In the meantime, New Mexico continues to be a hotbed…

Treasure Hunting, Extra Terrestrial Activity, Sacred Energy Centers, Big Foot, and more, it’s all possible in New Mexico!

The state of enchantment has a deep history of Aztec and Pueblo ruins, sacred sites, hidden treasures and cities of gold that continue to generate intrigue to date. While the cities of gold have yet to turn up, plenty of metals and mineral deposits, including copper and turquoise have created both art and enterprise throughout the region.

And that’s not all… UFO sightings in New Mexico and recently,UFO Sightings in North East New Mexico have made news (not far from Hot Springs Ranch).  New Mexico has a long history full of unexplained mysteries and phenomena. And if that’s not enough, the search for Big Foot vigilantly carries on in this state of wonders.

While Roswell to the South, has gained notoriety for UFO sightings, and is now a tourist destination, residents of the town of Dulce to the North, say their area is the real hotbed. Numerous reports of alien encounters and unexplained activities have surfaced in the region over the years. With all the stories of sightings and unexplained activities, the state has become a mecca for those fascinated by the paranormal, and has made believers out of residents who were once non-believers.

Also, if you are interested in creating your own film, documentary, show or online channel… Hot Springs Ranch comes with an added bonus! New Mexico Film Office incentives are available, offering a 25-35% refundable tax credit. Learn more here…

For the non-believers more interested in the natural, rather than supernatural, demand is intensifying in the region especially at properties like Hot Springs Ranch. This beautifully upgraded and maintained property offers the sought-after package of the times which includes, spacious, pristine seclusion near year-round recreation areas, mountains, world-class skiing and amenities (Taos and Angel Fire), plus cultural Santa Fe is within easy reach.

It’s a great time to get out and explore the possibilities at Hot Spring Ranch. Start your visit here… 

OR explore the 357-acre Tower Ranch, not far from the famous flying saucer crash of 1947 HERE

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