Need a reason to land in New Mexico? We’ll give you 5.

New Mexico ranches may not be as glitzy or renowned as the more stereotypical ranch regions to the North and West, but to the ranchers, farmers, sportsmen, and recreationalists that live there – that’s what makes it the unspoiled gem that it is, and the best ranch land around.

Here are a just a few key reasons to consider the area:

#1: Unbridled Sunshine and Fresh Air, plus Year-Round Outdoor Access, Activities & Opportunities…

New Mexico’s rich culture and vibrant arts scene paired with its plentiful parks, recreation and outdoor activities, make this state a dream destination for adventure-bound people of all ages – not to mention the retirees who are landing there in droves.

And as we move into a new normal, resort and recreation areas with plenty of outdoor options and amenities are being sought after – and New Mexico ranks right up there – minus peak-season crowds and prices.

With the growing number of retirees and blossoming tourism, new and unique business opportunities, like leasing space for ATV tours, offer numerous revenue-generating opportunities for ranch owners.

#2 Land Diversity

A buyer can find a diversity of land – and properties, throughout New Mexico.

Stretching from stunning high elevation mountain ranges and national forests, to serene wide-open landscapes, New Mexico offers a variety of premier ranchland with incredible hunting, skiing, and recreation opportunities. And with many regions sitting at higher elevations, the climate remains pleasant year-round.

Whether you’d rather marvel at the landscapes or get out and explore for yourself… there’s always an adventure within reach and endless breathtaking scenery under the expansive and enchanting skies. You’ll find several stellar mountain ranges with never-ending vistas, white river rafting through the Rio Grande Gorge, the intricate Carlsbad Caverns, and the mesmerizing White Sands National Monument… just to name a just few of the land contrasts and highlights.

The rugged, expansive landscapes have been used for centuries for cattle and sheep raising and grazing. The region has everything a ranch operation or outdoorsman needs or wants.

#3 Value

There is value to be found in New Mexico as the price per acre is below the national average, especially when you consider all that factors into the land value package…

Traditionally, with cheaper land values, you’ll also find cheaper property taxes as owners will pay less tax overall.

New Mexico offers competitive tax rates and incentives, and is a tax haven unknown to many.

Another consideration is that the costs of maintenance and upkeeping the property are considerably cheaper than most other states that border New Mexico as well.

#4 Secure Investing

Investors far and wide are using land as a physical asset with consistent growth for their portfolio. Investors both international and domestic are seeing a bright future for New Mexico. While Texas may get the spotlight, New Mexico is the hidden gem you might need to explore.

New Mexico has been booming with real estate opportunities for the past decade. Even famous moguls have developed properties outside of Santa Fe like Don Imus, Jane Fonda and Val Kilmer.

Here are just a few callouts worth highlighting:

  • Land investments in New Mexico can offer low cost, consistent growth investments that also offer close proximity to larger cities.
  • The lower cost land combined with lower property taxes equates to very low operating costs compared to bordering states.
  • New Mexico lands have low development costs in general…. New Mexico may offer multiple types of environments and landscapes throughout the state, but typically the low average tree height and density of vegetation greatly decreases the cost for infrastructure development on many ranches.
  • New Mexico has proven to have recession proof land and low volatility Investments. NM has a history of ever increasing nominal land value, even when the recession of 2008 hit the local economy, nominal values dipped slightly and for only a period of a few years before bouncing back significantly. From the period of 2015 to 2019 New Mexico farm acreage values rose roughly 9% from $523/acre to $570/acre. Source: USDA

#5 It’s a Recreation Mecca!

New Mexico is becoming a destination hotspot for all types of recreation. Total sporting and recreation opportunities abound… from big game trophy hunting to mountain adventures of every kind, stellar recreation is always within reach.

Skiing, rafting, fishing, hiking are common activities. You’ll also find mountain biking booming on stunning courses throughout the diverse landscapes. Or explore the hot springs and cool lakes. If hiking’s not your thing, saddle up for a long ride, or opt for exploring in an ATV, or maybe a hot air balloon ride is your thing… it’s all possible in New Mexico – and this is just a start.

#6 One more… The tradition of ranching lives on.

If ranching and the cowboy way is in your veins, the vast landscapes offer epic opportunities to ramble, rope, and roam to your heart’s content. Cattle and sheep have traditionally been raised in New Mexico since the Spanish explorers settled in the 1500s. Now, the tried-and-true traditions of the old West live on in New Mexico’s ranch country. In a fast-paced world where we relate through devices and technology, the ranch way of life offers a refreshing break from the pressure cooker, plus connection with the land and the people we share it with. Of course, it also comes with all the modern-day upgrades, plus progressive cities, ski resorts, and recreation within easy reach, so it really is the best of the old and the new.