Land Investment Insights: Spring Ahead 2024! Ranch Property Opportunities for the Investment-Minded Land Owner, plus recent regional sales

Land Investment Insights: Spring Ahead 2024!  Ranch Property Opportunities for the Investment-Minded Land Owner, plus recent regional sales

Insights for the Investment-Minded Land Owner: Spring Ahead 2024!

The one thing you can count on is change. This age-old adage holds true in the real estate business, too.

Now, with the current economic and market shifts, and a beautiful spring season upon us, we’re seeing signs of optimism and forward movement once again. Check out the bottom of this email and our listing pagefor a look at our recent regional sales.

The days of “everyone is a developer” seem to be winding down across the country, even in Texas. It seems that we are back to the basics in land investing. Land versatility, along with growth and appreciation potential, are the requirements. 

With the proper research, expertise, and due diligence, investors can identify locales and land tracts with strong potential for appreciating land values for the long haul.

While Texas is showing renewed appeal, New Mexico remains a best-kept secret with unbeatable values and incentives, prolific pasturelands well-suited for sheep and cattle, year-round outdoor recreation and activities, and destination urban centers, airports, and amenities all within easy reach – without the high-end price tags to the west.

Prime Land Investment Opportunities Now:

1/ INCREDIBLE VALUE! The turnkey Atkinson Cattle & Hunting Ranch offers the opportunity to own one of the few significant ranch properties in an ideal location and climate in accessible central NM.

If the Southwest’s rich cattle and hunting heritage is calling you – this is a must-see. An easy drive to Albuquerque and mountain recreation areas, you’ll find thriving wildlife, prolific hunting opportunities, highly productive pasturelands, and premier improvements throughout. This is what living the NM ranch dream is all about!

2/ Our pick for the conservation-minded rancher/investor… Price improvement in excellent NM location! The Gran Quivira West offers a stellar combination of prize hunting and ranching, plus a renovated lodge and highly improved landscape.

And that’s not all… a conservation easement protects the view shed, rangelands and wildlife, and allows for a generous pricing discount. Explore the photo gallery, and come visit this rare gem soon!

3/ The Hannibal Farm is a 264.34 acre piece of Texas.  It is in a zone known for growth with excellent appreciation potential. It’s located on County Road 109, 15.0 miles northwest of Stephenville and 7.80 miles south of Interstate 20 in Erath County.

This scenic retreat meets the versatility criteria and it will withstand the holding requirement associated with land investments.  Raise livestock, hunt deer, birds, and get away from the pace and pressure cooker. This is a standout investment opportunity you will not want to miss!!!!!

4/ Blue Bell Farm, Chaves County, Roswell, NM.The Blue Bell Farm is a highly versatile NM agricultural operation with a proven track record, and water rights!!

If you want a New Mexico ranch that has the ability to turn on the sprinklers and grow some feed for your cattle without having to own or lease 50,000 acres then look no further. If you are interested in ownership and have a need for custom farming and care, look no further!!

The Bluebell is currently being planted in new crop Alfalfa to take advantage of the high demand for the crop.  Historically, it has raised sorghum, oats and alfalfa with high yields. Most recently it has been used as a livestock farm with Bermuda grass pastures supporting hundreds of quality cattle and sheep. The Blue Bell Farm is priced to sell at $15,000.00 per water right acre.


The bottom line.

Most people consider versatile, large productive land tracts like these a safe place to park your money, for the long haul. It’s more than an investment, it’s a time-tested and trusted lifestyle. Enjoy running your cows, growing your crops, hunting, recreation, or simply relaxing in the countryside as your investment grows.


Since they aren’t making more land, now it’s about getting in on the regions and locales that show versatility plus appreciation and growth potential. Remember, slow and steady reaps the big rewards. The future starts now. Might as well enjoy the ride!


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